Inmate Training Programs

An important dimension of a person’s life is what he or she will do for work.  Gaining the necessary job experiences, learning the skills needed to be successful in a chosen field, and securing employment within that field are goals worthy of pursuit. Therefore, CBM Managed Services has developed a two-part training program for inmates. 

The first program consists of orientation for all inmate kitchen workers prior to working in the kitchen.  Consistent kitchen orientation is an essential element in the safety and growth of inmates who work in the kitchen.  It also improves the operational efficiencies and decreases or eliminates inmate injuries. 

The second program is our vocational training program which is intended to provide inmates with formal food service training and practical work experience.  Using the skills and knowledge gained through this program, inmates have the benefit of becoming more employable outside of the prison environment.  The benefits to the institution include lower recidivism, increased inmate morale, and positive public relations.  This vocational program incorporates formal classroom training as well as hands-on experience.  At the successful conclusion of this program, the inmate is given the opportunity to test with the National Restaurant Association to obtain a ServSafe certificate.