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School Nutrition

Let's start with some eye-opening statistics:

School Nutrition

-  In the United States, 33% of children or adolescents age 2 to 19 have a weight problem.

-  Our current generation of children are at greater risk than ever of developing cancer later in life,

due to the raging obesity epidemic that we are now facing.  


CBM School Wellness Proposition


School NutritionSchool NutritionSchool Nutrition

Tailored Menus

     -  Designed by CBM dietitians
     -  Focus on less:
         » Calories
         » Salt
         » Sugar
         » Fat
     -  Feature popular, student-friendly foods
     -  Based on the needs of your school district



School NutritionSchool Nutrition

Constant Communication

-  Food Committee is established to obtain up-to-date feedback

-  We attend school board meetings on a regular basis to help in any way we can

-  Your school district has direct access to our Director of School Nutrition



Free 12-week wellness program

Health and Wellness

-  Provide a turn-key, nutrition and exercise curriculum for your students
    -  Children will learn the basics of:
       » Nutrition
       » Exercise
       » Teamwork
       » Building self-esteem through goal setting
    -  Posters and educational material is available for your students and parents




CBM Is An Industry Leader In Integrated Food Service And Facilities Management

School Nutrition

-   We provide our clients the expertise of a nationally recognized management services company and still maintain the local service and attention that a school district would expect.

-   Our success is directly related to a 100% commitment to serving our clients.

 School Nutrition


-   CBM focuses on customer satisfaction, working hard to exceed our clients' expectations, and achieving superior quality and service.

-   We believe in continuous improvement in serving quality meals, service levels, open lines of communication, and placing a high value on customer and client responsiveness.