Committed to Healthy Lifestyles

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CBM Managed Services’ Registered Dieticians serve as the primary spokespersons on matters relating to Nutrition and Health. They collaborate with the Food Service Management teams and Project Development teams to develop the unique flavors reflective of each facility. CBM Managed Services takes the time to gain the insight needed to meet each facilities’ special needs and expectations. With these insights CBM proposes menus and choices that will consistently meet the facilities expectations.


Our menus are not "Low Cost" menus; they are not planned with the lowest quality, least expensive food items, they are effectively planned with high quality food products that meet each facilities expectation. Our menus include not only high quality food items but also improve special needs and menu choices to assist each facility in effectively meeting their mission.


We put extraordinary care into crafting delicious, nutritious meals that will please while meeting or exceeding dietary guidelines. CBM Managed Services is committed to using the most current information and technology to develop, analyze and enhance menus and nutritional guidelines.


Our Software, ThreeSquares®, is a Nutrition and Foodservice Management System that provides client, diet, recipe, snack and menu management, nutritional analysis, production summaries, diet spreadsheets, and person-specific tray menus. ThreeSquares maximizes food service productivity, improves quality of care, helps increase customer satisfaction and, of course... CONTROLS COSTS. From a ’smart’ tray card system to an enterprise-wide dietary management system... you have choices!


We are currently developing the Next Generation of nutrition and food service management software and systems to further enhance our programs and client satisfaction. Stay tuned as we continue to enhance our programs to best fit your needs!