Commissary Services

CBM’s Commissary Program is one of the most comprehensive and advanced commissary programs in the country. We understand that every facility is unique and we adapt a commissary program to precisely fit your needs.


Variety. Your facility can choose from an ever expanding variety of products designed specifically for a correctional facility environment.

Management. Services are provided at your facility or from our fulfillment and distribution centers.
Staffing. CBM will hire, train and staff your commissary.

Inmate Training. CBM can provide your institution with a comprehensive inmate training program that equips the inmate with the skills they need to work in commissary and endows them with skills they can use when they leave jail.

Accounting. CBM’s Commissary Accounting System is user friendly, Windows based, customizable and can work with most jail management systems.

Customer Service. Your facility is assigned a knowledgeable client representative who understands your specific commissary program and will respond promptly to your needs.

Kiosks. Inmate Banking System utilizes user friendly touchscreen kiosks for easy ordering. Our kiosks can be used in inmate areas as well as in lobbies for friends and family. There are many benefits to CBM’s kiosk program, including fully automated commissary ordering, reducing correctional staff hours, purchasing phone cards/time, and providing inmates the ability to communicate grievances and special requests.

Competitive Commissions. Because of our national purchasing power and its efficient corporate operational focus, CBM can offer competitive commissions that maximize your commissary program.

When you work with the CBM Commissary Program, you'll quickly see the benefits it can offer your facility. Contact Matt DeRoche today to find out more information or to schedule an on-line or in-person demonstration today.